Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fluorescent sculpture

Chromaphilia 1 is the largest sculpture that I have made to date. It was developed from a series of maquettes that I started making in 2009, and like these id dependent on being viewed in a an environment illuminated with UV 'black-lights". This is effective but requires a lot of time and effort to prepare the environment, so recently I have been working on a small scale UV lit cuboidal environment that can be wall mounted and viewed through a front window. The first of these is called Flurobox 1 and measures 44x54x68cm. The sculpture inside the box is a variation on the two units that made Chromophilia 1

Other recently completed work includes the Fluro DUo ( Sunfish), above, two sculptures that both have an internal structure. Overall size of the pair is approx 55x65x50 (unboxed)