Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Preview of Jamie scott's work

'Continuing the Conversations' . acrylic on MDF . 1.9m x 5.3m Nov 2010 

'A Little Puzzled' . acrylic on MDF . 1.9m x 3.8m Nov 2010 

'Comfy Moment' . acrylic on MDF . 80cm x 150cm Nov 2010

'Poker Dealer' . acrylic on MDF . 150cm x 80cm . Nov 2010

Preview of Simon Woolerton's work

Preview of Mark Boot's work

With only a few weeks to go there is still alot to do. I've just aquired a rather expensive ceiling motor so that the sculpture can rotate. Looks good, i've just uploaded a video of it under UV lighting in my studio space. Probably need to aquire some more power-full UV lights for the show too. 

The plan is to have the sculpture rotating in its own UV environment, during daylight this will be in the blacked out space in the galllery. After nightfall, when the gallery closes, the curtain can be opened and pedestrians in the Cultural Quarter walking between Charles Street and the Curve will be able to see the sculpture. I will set the motor and lights to turn off at midnight. It will be interesting to see how people react, particularly the sort of people who might not normally go into art galleries.

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  1. Looks good! Best wishes and good luck, all of you.